Vanessa Sandoval C

1990, born in Cali, Colombia
lives and works in Cali, Colombia
Biella, Italy
October-November 2017


Her production comes on one side of an interest in human relationships and the strong connection between the ways in which they occur and the tragic character that they possess. At the same time, she’s having a fixation with how the body is shaped, caused and reshaped by the environment, understanding “body” like affected volume.
She is interested in how to show the shapes in which we are creating relations with other subjects, with landscape and the situations that occur in a determined context. Her work attempts to symbolically express these relationships, so her methodology is to live and to inhabit these spaces, to find them within a specific situation. Then she starts drawing as a primer act, but the result of these drifts always ends in other formats more related to space, such as sculpture, performance and installation.

Vanessa Sandoval C, Cartographies of a world known, installation, variable dimensions, 2014-2015.

Vanessa Sandoval, TREMOR, sculpture, logs of a tree, electronic mechanism, variable dimensions, 2015-2016.