Townhouse, Cairo


Townhouse is a platform for contemporary art exhibitions, public programs, educational initiatives, community engagement and cross-cultural exchange. Both local and international contemporary artists are featured at the gallery, and educational programs allow for open discussions and critical thinking around the arts. In addition, the gallery supports several community development initiatives with the goal of providing a space for free expression, empowering local minority groups in Cairo, encouraging tolerance and building community.


Each year, several international artists hold residencies at the Townhouse, working in studios on the gallery premises and pursuing independent projects in the city. The gallery and its neighborhood have proven to be rich material for visiting artists, who often lead workshops during their stay. In 2009, the Townhouse launched the Rooftop Studio Project, a local residency program for Egyptian artists in need of affordable work spaces. The gallery is currently expanding its residency opportunities to curators and writers with the aim of providing opportunities for interdisciplinary practices to emerge and be independently sustained.


Townhouse residencies are flexible and self-directed. Depending on interest, the Resò resident will have access to work space in the gallery, as well as our various venues and exhibition spaces should they desire to give talks or host panel discussions (depending on space availability). They will also have access to the gallery library and research center (including monographs, journals and archival records of local and international artists). Arrangements can be made to facilitate access to other research materials depending on need.

The Resò resident will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the gallery’s diverse schedule of programming. Townhouse’s activities revolve around a program of over 12 contemporary art exhibitions per year accompanied by artist’s talks, panel discussions and forums. The gallery provides a series of hands-on outreach programs for both children and adults, as well as intensive thematic workshops in different areas of the visual arts. The gallery is currently striving to provide further training in areas such as arts criticism, art history, management, administration and curatorial practice. To this end, the gallery launched a program for curators in 2008, which has continued in the form of the ongoing Independent Study Program. The resident may have the option in participating in such programs, depending on interest and scheduling.

The resources that will be made available to the resident include:

Furnished apartment near the gallery Studio workspace

Residency coordinator available to help facilitate activities outside the gallery

Potential to participate in or organize Outreach workshops


The Resò resident will also have the potential to engage with the gallery’s widespread network of partners, funders and collaborators across the world. Townhouse works on a regular basis with all major cultural centers in the city, and the gallery also works to develop relationships with individual museums and galleries worldwide.