PAV – Parco Arte Vivente, Torino

Since 2006, PAV – Park of Living Art and Experimental centre of contemporary art – carries out a specific survey within the realm of the living art, a specificity of the contemporary art field. Connected to the environment here the art experience fits neatly with the practise and theory through production, involving a wide range of audience by means of educational and training activities.

Strongly related with the park, The Art Centre is conceived as a “green architecture” and it is realized according to bio-climatic architecture. Whereas you can visit the outdoor areas, also for a walk in the park, indoor you can make experience with multimedia art installations.

The PARK takes place on an ex-industrial area of approximately 23.000 mq; in 2006 was born Trèfle, the starting project included in the PAV green area. Trèfle is a big vegetable living sculpture conceived by the French artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster made by earth and grass, with clover shape, carved in the ground. Outdoor many open air projects and installations are growing out collectively.

The ART PROGRAM, directed by Piero Gilardi and curated by Claudio Cravero, deals with national and international artists through the creation of artworks and environmental permanent and temporary installation.
Since a museum educational offer plays an active role itself and is not subordinate to the exhibitions, it was clear to the PAV staff the capital need to offer chances of permanent training through a plan of workshops (six a year) which could set a close contact between the artists and a participant audience.
The presence of the artist on the territory is not a arrival on time for the exhibition opening but a real stop, always enhanced as a chance of interaction, training and growth involving the cultural, social and civilian context. All the exhibitions are usually anticipated by public talks, panel conversation and workshops.
In the PAV Education and Training Section, curated by Orietta Brombin, the workshops enable the partakers to exchange, confront and discuss one another throughout all the time of
co-working (5-6 days). The partakers, about twenty persons at workshop, come from different background: young artists, university researchers, professionals.

Under the direction of Michel Blazy, Andrea Caretto with Raffaella Spagna, Dario Neira, Sophie Usunier, Lara Almarcegui, Piero Gilardi, Emmanuel Louisgrand, Gilles Clément and Brandon Ballengée – the workshops at PAV represent a meaningful cultural opening-up to the territory, as they offer new and firm tools for an afterthought of both the process and the practice of art. Each activity ends in a result according to the artist method: from audience attendance and production of a collective work, lately exhibited at PAV, to the preparation of photographic, textual or installative contributions by smaller teams. The results, completed by contextual explanations and details, are usually collected in specific publications.

Via Giordano Bruno, 31 Torino
ph. +39 011 3182235

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