Ottavia Castellina

1977, born in Ivrea, Turin.
Lives and works between London and Turin
New Delhi (India)
December 2011-January 2012

Ottavia Castellina’s research is on the use of photography and its possibilities as a medium to reveal intimacy of the ordinary objects and daily experiences. And her photographs basically deal with the investigation of personal and social issues. The camera is for the artist both a ‘window’ and a ‘mirror’ to look at reality, stepping on the fine line that separates photojournalism from art photography. Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability, and examines identity and intimacy, and her photographs tackle the ‘overlooked’ with the intention to address more complex issues of identity. As an emigrated artist, she has always felt involved with questions of loss and memory in relation to immigration, employing objects as narrators of delicate human relationships and emotional states.

While In viaggio su un treno fermo, 2011 (www.inviaggiosuuntrenofermo. is a participatory project, which takes various forms: a web blog, a multidisciplinary performance and a book, exactly as a “journey on a stationary train” through short stories written by western writers never been in India, the photos of Still Beauty series, 2009/10, investigate human fragility on entering the private world of a young woman affected by rheumatoid arthritis, hence seen as a symbol of the paradox of fragility and extreme manifestation of human vulnerability within our society.