Muhammad Taymour

1985, Born in Saudi Arabia
Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt
Biella (Italy)
October-November 2015

The project aims to study more about the Independent Italian filmmaking industry with the aid of meeting Independent Italian filmmakers and gather sufficient footage to make an outcome of 15-20 short documentary about Italian filmmakers, how they develop their ideas into films, what influences them, what are their filmmaking styles and how they see their films in the end.

The film shall be experimental but it will include of the following points:

  • Italian Independent Filmmaking as industry; What it’s history? What is the current status of independent cinema? Commercial films VS. Independent ones
  • Filmmakers culture and traditions, their point of view whether its religious, political, social, etc..
  • Italian independent filmmakers Influences, styles, and genres they prefer
  • Filmmakers Obstacles & Facilities:
    • Permissions
    • Casting
    • Equipment rentals
    • Production companies and funds
    • Film markets and distribution agencies
    • Language problems in marketing and filmmakers who seek chances outside Italy
  • What is the future of Independent filmmaking scene in Italy?