Marianna Orlotti

Lives and works in Turin
Cali (Colombia)
July-August 2015

The current research by Marianna Orlotti arise from a personal need to

work in dialogical structures and to explore possibilities and impossibilities of operating in a different geographical, social and political context. This give her the chance to reconsider the marginality and the very same possibility of thinking and acting collectively in cultural spheres located outside the global centres by following the new type of cultural immediacy of the digital age. Identify ourselves with other surroundings, complicate and clarify our own ideas in direct comparison with another reality, pursue new subjectivities, act within such field of visible/invisibility aims to inhibit forgetting and differently re-approach disappearance  to preserve the distinctiveness. Nationality is not simply a geographical issue and, often, the mediated image not only records, but generates the ontological change, flattening the sense of identity, symbols and representations, isolating it from the social environment and removing from the space of symbolic exchange. She reflects on the notion of home as a place of birth and ambient of work, as a physical landscape and root of one’s identity, a space of conflict or encounter between the established and the other within political borders from the edges and outside the Western cultural and institutional scenery.  Her researches become an extension of the private practice to contextualizing memories and reinterpreting historical traces to create alternative versions of contemporary histories.