Malak Helmy and Nida Ghouse

Malak Helmy and Nida Ghouse
Fondazione Spinola Banna, Poirino
June–July 2013

Conceived as an exercise in addressing the social, intellectual and psychic legacies of entering and leaving collaborations, Emotional Architecture is a project by artist Malak Helmy and writer Nida Ghouse.

At times, it asks: what happens to knowledge that was borne in collaboration when collaborations break up? Which most often they do. This is not so much a question of how one claims ideas after collaboration, but rather of how one endures them. In turn, it is a question of what it is that survives collaboration; remains, as residue, as excess. What are the infra/structures in which collaborations come to be, and which they leave behind? Not just in terms of the matter – documents and archives, but also in terms of the spirit. What is it that surpasses the end of collaboration? To live on, as consciousness, as knowing, still not apparent, nor manifest, in other forms.

The project is invested in thinking through a range of collaborations—from minor artistic collectives, to larger scale institutions, to temporary social movements. It started in the summer of 2012, as a series of conversations that took place in Cairo, and is currently envisioned, through the participation in Resò3, as a publication.