lugar a dudas, Cali


Lugar a dudas (Room for doubts) was established in 2005, is an independent, not for profit space, in Cali, Colombia lugar a dudas aims to promote and disseminate contemporary artistic practice. As its name suggests, the organisation works as a laboratory for research, lively discussion, reflection and critical analysis of complexities we live in our context lugar a dudas hosts a program with two areas of exhibitions. One is a window shop dedicated to bring contemporary artistic production to pedestrians. The program includes reconstructions of relevant works of international contemporary art; local and no local artist exhibitions, and specific proposals from emergent artists selected through an open call. There is another  permanent exhibition room, located inside the house, arranged to show video works and small temporary exhibitions.
Its documentation center dedicated to the visual arts includes over 3000 books, magazines and videos. It also hosts talks, seminars and debates about artistic practices.
There international residency program is for artists and curators and consists in an interactive space that encourages exchange of ideas and experimentation. Residencies are based on process with no rigid structure, allowing artists to develop projects in response to their new environment. Visiting artists have the possibility to make contacts with artists, organizations, students and arts professionals in Cali, establishing a mutual exchange of ideas.
We produce a regular publications that covers the programme and ongoing projects-past issues are available to download from the web site: workshops, events, and a residency program too.


The vision and mission is achieved through the following aims:

Facilitating experimentation and innovation in contemporary arts practice by stimulating dialogue between artists and across cultures

Providing a constant active and reflexive approaching with contemporary artistic practices

Through artists’ talks, seminars and educational activities Understanding work of art as a quality life transformer agent.