Lihi Turjeman

1985, Born in Israel
lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel
Poirino (Italy)
October-November 2017

On floors and ceilings, within and behind walls, Lihi Turjeman’s large-scale installations penetrate layers of lime and plaster, geography and history. Through intense labor, digging through walls, mixing materials and transferring layers of paint, she maps territories and reveals layers of personal and public history, at times hidden from the eye. Interested in the power of signs – street signs, signs of human activity, a sign of civilization, Turjeman is in a constant search for the source, the center and the center of gravity; she documents constant decay, urban, social and human. Her practice bares a constant, productive tension between the figurative and the abstract and includes a manner that can be categorized as action painting, in which she performs physical actions on the surface of the painting. In Turjeman’s work, the canvas may function as a wall, a territory or a map that is yet to be drawn. Her practice and body of work embodies the encounter between a progressive, and disciplined perception or layout with somewhat mystical, romantic or naïve components- this notion creates an unpredictable chaos of expanding forms and meanings. Lihi Turjeman studied at Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem (2010 BFA, 2014 MFA) and at the Ecole National Superior des Beaux-arts in Paris, as a visiting student. In 2015 she stayed at the artist residency ‘Cite international des­ Art’ in Paris and recently completed her scholarship at Artport TLV/Jaffa.

Lihi Turjeman, Manhole Monkey Planet, mix media on canvas, 200X300 cm.

Lihi Turjeman, Tomer Azulay, 2017.