Franco Ariaudo

1979, Born in Cuneo, Italy
lives and works in Turin.
contemporary art project
September 2017

Franco Ariaudo’s transdisciplinary research draws on anthropology, sociology, ritualism, sport and leisure. He investigates, and at times destabilizes, those anthropological and social short-circuits that lead to the formation of a specific train of thought, to the establishment of a tradition or simply to the expression of a cliché. On a formal level, Ariaudo resorts to different media and devices that, by virtue of small perceptual variances, tend to disturb the habitual gaze of the spectator. His work highlights and features “the play of forces at play”- that tension between contrasting movements and energies that leads to a specific subject becoming an object of contention (between tradition and modernity, power and submission).
He is involved in numerous projects, exhibitions, cultural initiatives and residency programs, and since 2011 he is a member of Progetto Diogene (Turin).

Franco Ariaudo, The revolution will not be televised, b-w digital print, 2015.

F. Ariaudo, L. Pucci and E. De Donno, Sportification, eurovisions performativity and playgrounds 1965-99, Viaindustriae publishing, 2017.

Franco Ariaudo, from Faster than Christ project (training session #2)_2017. Photo: Andrey Lobov.

Franco Ariaudo, Faster than Christ (training session #2), 2017. Photo: Andrey Lobov.