Clara Madaro

1989, born in Ceva, Italy
lives and works in Turin, Milan and Modena, Italy
Tel Aviv (Israel)
October-November 2017

Clara Madaro’s research has been studying social, affective and knowledge bonds since 2015 on three communicating grounds. She is a student to Ph.D. Consortium of North-West FINO (University of Turin, Vercelli, Genova, Pavia, Italy) where she works on a philosophy for artistic practices that analyzes their performativity and normativity providing a model to individuate the contradictions within institutional artistic bonds. Moving from that theoretical frame her teaching activity (Fondazione Fotografia Modena 2016/2018, Modena, Italy) for artists consists in a route from personal desire of knowledge to the construction of institutional and scientific networks by developing other discipline tools and cooperating. As a result her curatorial practice works on the possibilities of art and its objects in the creation of new commitments and realities in working and living together.

Archaic Smile (2016) collective composition, in, Mirror Project #7 Sensible Objects, The art of bonds (AURORA PAOLILLO, solo show), curated by Clara Madaro for Barriera (Turin). Seven artists realize a display composition for seven identical vessels that were chosen by Aurora Paolillo. Photo credit: Francesca Cirilli.

Collecting People | The art of thinking (2015/2015) public program, curated by Clara Madaro for Progetto Diogene (Turin). Seven talks in which a philosopher and an artist joint their researches about a common scientific field and artists display a work that embodied this research to Tram Diogene. Image: Waqas Khan (2012) Breath of the compassionate, Archival ink on wasli paper, 36×56 cm, courtesy of Sabrina Amrani Gallery.

Road to Objects (2017) reading group curated by Clara Madaro, Vincenzo Santarcangelo, Chiara Principe. Invited speakers: GRAHAM HARMAN and PAOLO TRIPODI. Seven seminar and a lecture about Object Oriented Ontology texts are hosted by eight artistic institutions to create a collective theoretical experience.