Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto

Cittadellarte is a great laboratory, a generator of creative energy that generates unedited processes of development in diverse fields of culture, production, economics and politics.  The activities of Cittadellarte pursue a basic objective: to operationally take artistic interventions into every sector of civil society to contribute responsibly and profitably to address the profound changes of our times.

The Resò residency program at Cittadellarte is curated by Art Office and UNIDEE Office, designed on the research and practice of the hosted artist, includes studio visits, meeting with artists and curators, trips and participation to weekly residential modules part of UNIDEE – University of Ideas program.

About UNIDEE – University of Ideas

Since 2015, UNIDEE – University of Ideas at Cittadellarte has widened its activities launching a new educational programme, characterised by a dynamic, flexible structure of weekly residential modules, aiming to trigger and pave   the way for a (re)localisation of participatory artistic practices in social contexts. Based on interdisciplinary research, knowledge sharing and experience exchange, the programme fosters processes of cross-pollination
to investigate the relationship between art and public sphere. Designed for artists, curators as well as students, social entrepreneurs and cultural project managers, the modules are open also to members of the broader public who are interested in delving into themes such as: social responsibility, urban transformation, participatory art practices, alternative models of local economic development, sustainability within fashion and construction industries, et cetera.

The new UNIDEE – University of Ideas at Cittadellarte is characterized   by the offer of specific seminar and laboratory modules which also frame the artists’ residency programmes, thus suggesting a redefinition, from an educational point of view and within a process of thematic inquiry, of the traditional concept of artists’ residency, generally finalized to the production and exhibition of works of art realized in situ.

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