Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti di Torino

Founded in 1833, but existing since the first half of the 17th century, the Accademia Albertina of Turin is one of the Italian oldest and most prestigious schools of higher education in art. 
In these eighteen decades influential artists associated with the school included the painters Antonio Fontanesi and Felice Casorati, and the sculptors Vincenzo Vela and Franco Garelli, and numerous others. 
The Accademia Albertina boasts an illustrious list of alumni in all of its areas of focus, such as Giuseppe Penone and Gilberto Zorio, who were among the creators of Arte Povera, and, more recently, Botto & Bruno and Paolo Piscitelli. 
In recent years the Accademia Albertina has undergone many changes, promoting a variety of didactic and cultural initiatives. Although painting, sculpture, decoration, and scenography were the dominant mediums for many years, installation art and video now inform much of the work of faculty and students. The Pinacoteca was reorganised and reopened to the public, and the school’s main building is being restored and rationalised; other initiatives include an intense program of exhibitions, conferences, and seminars.

The Accademia Albertina provides an academic structure for higher education in contemporary art, developping programs where creativity and critical thinking are connected, and closely related to the activity of art galleries and museums of the area: Castello di Rivoli, Gam, Fondazione Sandretto Rebaudengo, Fondazione Merz, Fondazione Pistoletto, PAV, Fondazione Spinola Banna.

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