a.titolo – progetti per l’arte contemporanea

Having ceased its collaboration with CESAC, Experimental Centre of Contemporary Art in Caraglio, in 2016, a.titolo contemporary art projects continues its partnership with the Resò network.

a.titolo is a non-profit organization established by the collective of curators and art historians of the same name. Founded in 1997 in Turin by Giorgina Bertolino, Francesca Comisso, Lisa Parola, Nicoletta Leonardi and Luisa Perlo, its purpose is to promote art that addresses the social, political and cultural dimensions of the public realm. a.titolo curates and produces context-specific art projects, exhibitions, workshops, documentaries, publications and experimental educational programmes, developing an interdisciplinary dialogue between urban planning and the visual arts.

In 2001, members Giorgina Bertolino, Francesca Comisso, Lisa Parola and Luisa Perlo were appointed “cultural mediators” of the Nuovi Committenti programme (Nouveaux Commanditaires / New Patrons).

This programme, which produces public art works commissioned by groups of citizens, is promoted by Fondation de France On the subject of Nuovi Committenti, a.titolo edited the books Nuovi Committenti. Torino Mirafiori Nord (Sossella Editore, Rome, 2004) the volume New Patrons. Contemporary art, society and public space (Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo, 2008) and the essay Le désir comme ‘vertu civile’. Reflection sur le rapport entre art, démocratie et espaces public en Italie which appears in the volume Faire art comme on fait société – Les Nouveaux commanditaires  (Les presses du réel, Dijon, 2013).